Solutions for Wrinkled or Gapping Cups

Is there a gap at the top of your bra cups? Does the fabric at the top of the cups wrinkle or not lie flat? There are two possible reasons for this bra problem. With a little help, you'll soon have a bra that lies perfectly against your bust.

Check Your Cup Size

Often, a gap at the top of the cup is the result of wearing a cup size that is too large. Make sure you've adjusted your breast so that it is centered within the cup. If you have extra room in the cup, you should try going down one cup size. Don't worry if you are already an A cup - try a slightly smaller AA cup bra.

If the bra cup used to fit and you have not lost weight, your bra may be too old. This is especially true of stretch cup bras, which can stretch out or lose their shape over time.

Flatter Your Figure - Forget Full Coverage

Another reason your bra could be gapping at the top is that your bra is not the right style or shape for your breasts. Every woman's body is different, so even a bra in the correct size may not fit well if it is not suited to your breast shape. Many women have breasts that are fuller at the bottom than the top, or "teardrop" shaped. Balcony bras and demi bras are more suited to this body type than full-coverage bras. Please consult our bra styles section to see which bra styles work best for you.

Perfect Fitting Help

If you need help finding a bra for your shape or size, don't fret! We carry a wide variety of bras to suit every figure. Contact my Bra Fit Team for more bra recommendations.