Solutions for Falling Out of Your Bra

Do your breasts fall out from underneath your underwire when you run or lift your arms, or even during the day? This is a sure sign that your bra does not fit you correctly.

Fix Your Fit

In order for your bra to stay put and support your breasts, the band needs to be snug. To test your fit, try putting a finger under the bra band, between the breasts. If you can fit two fingers or more under the band, it is definitely too loose. Many women wear a larger band size than they should because they think a looser band will be more comfortable or prevent "back bulge". In reality, a tighter band will give you more support and prevent pain in your shoulders and back. Trust me - you'll look and feel much better!

One very important bra fitting fact is that the size of the cup varies depending on the band size. For example, a 36D bra and a 34D bra do NOT have the same amount of space in the cup. If you want to try a smaller band size, you will also have to go up in the cup size. For example, if you are wearing 36D bras and you are falling out of the bottom of the cup, you would want to try 34DD instead.

If your bra band is more than one size too big, or if you have trouble with your cup size as well, we recommend remeasuring yourself. You can find directions for measuring your bra size on our online bra fitting calculator.

Proper Care is Essential

If you are falling out of a bra that used to fit you well, your bra might just be too old. Over time, the elastic in a bra band can weaken and stretch out. If your bra is too loose on the tightest hook, it's time to say goodbye! Even the best bras won't last forever, so be sure to check you fit regularly and toss bras that aren't providing the support you need. Extend the life of your bras by hand-washing them - and never put a bra in the dryer!

More Bra Fitting Tips and Tricks

Need more help with finding your perfect bra? Bra fitting is trickier than it seems and sometimes you just need a second opinion. For personal support and bra fitting help please contact our bra fitting team.