Solutions for Falling Bra Straps

Bra straps that constantly fall off your shoulders are an annoying and common bra problem. While it may sound obvious, many women simply do not adjust their bra straps or do not adjust them correctly. Don't worry about making both of your bra straps the same length. Because everyone has one breast that is larger than the other, you might have to make one strap longer in order to make the straps comfortably snug.

Straps Still Falling?

If you cannot adjust your bra straps to the right length, there are two possible reasons. One problem could be that your bra is too old. Over time, the elastic that is in most bra straps stretches out. To extend the life of your bra, make sure you never put the bra in the dryer, which destroys elastic. Even the best quality bras won't last more than a year when worn regularly, so don't torture yourself in a bra that's past its prime!

The Best Styles for You

If you are having this problem with a new bra, the bra is most likely not the right style for you. Many bras are designed with straps that are wide-set, or far apart from each other. While this style is fashionable, it is definitely not for everyone! Petite women or women with sloped shoulders should make sure to buy bras that have close-set, fully adjustable straps. You can see what kind of strap adjustment a bra has on the Fitting Support section of every item page.

Another solution is to purchase a racerback bra or a convertible bra whose bra straps can criss-cross in the back. These styles have straps that are close-set so they will not fall off during the day. If you would a recommendation for racerback bras that fit in your size, feel free to contact our team of bra fitters.