Solutions for Digging Bra Bands

Your bra should never dig into your back and hurt you. If you want to rip off your annoying bra at the end of the day, than you definitely need a new bra!

Rethink Your Bra Size

If your bra band digs into your skin and makes you uncomfortable, your band size is probably too small.

One bra fitting tip to remember is that the cup size is related to the band size. This means that if you try a larger band size, you will have to go down a size in the cup as well. For example, if you are wearing size 34C and the band is too small, you should try size 36B. If you are already an A cup, but need to go up to a bigger band size, try a AA bra.

While the best solution to a digging bra band is the correct size bra, you may also want to try a bra back extender. This accessory makes the band of any bra larger. Bra band extenders are a great solution if your real size is difficult to find or if you have gained weight and no longer fit into your bras.

Think Fit, Not Flab

One common complaint we bra fitters hear about is extra back fat around the bra band. This is just a natural result of a woman's body and not a sign that your bra does not fit. While wearing a looser band may reduce the appearance back fat, it will also sacrifice all of your bra's support. A smooth look in the back is not worth sagging in the front! Instead of buying a larger band size, I recommend trying bras that have a wider band in the back. This creates a smoother back.

Need More Fit Help?

If you are confused about your bra size, or would like recommendations for a great bra, ask our team of bra fitters for personal advice!