Solutions for Difficult to Hook Bras

For some women, trying to hook the back of their bra is a daily frustration. If you are unable to hook your bras in the back, there are plenty of other options available to you.

Easy Close Bra Styles

A front closure bra has a clasp or hook and eye closure between the cups instead of at the back of the bra. This type of bra is easier to put on and take off for many women. Another great easy-close option for women with smaller breasts is to wear a bralette. A bralette is a stretch bra with no hooks or closures. This type of bra easily pulls over the head.

One problem with front close bras and bralettes is that the band size cannot be adjusted. If you wear front closure bras, be sure to wear the correct band size so that the bra is supportive. All bra bands stretch out over time, so you may want to buy your bras slightly tight so that they last longer.

More Help Hooking Your Bra

Another trick for difficulty clasping a bra, is to put your bra on backwards (by hooking your regular bra in the front) and then turn it around to the correct position.

If you need help finding a bra that suits your body and your needs, feel free to contact our team of bra fitters to find great bras for you.