Solutions for Bras That Won't Lie Flat

One fitting complaint that many women have is that their bra does not lie flat between the breasts. Often, the underwire pokes forward instead of sitting against the chest. There are a number of different reasons for this problem to occur, so look to the following ideas for ways to get your bra to sit against your center chest properly.

Check your Cup Size

One reason why this bra problem is so common is that it can be caused by bras that are both too big and too small. The culprit here is your cup size. Cups that are too big have underwires that are too wide for your torso. The wire will poke up because it simply has no where else to go. If your cup size is too small, then it is impossible for the underwire to lie flat against your chest. Instead, the wire sits on top of your breast tissue.

In order to see whether your cup size is too small or too big, look at your other "symptoms". Do you have a wrinkle in the cups or extra space in the cup? Your cup size is probably too large. Do you have a extra bump of breast tissue at the top or sides of the cups? Your cup size is probably too small.

When the Size is Right and the Style is Wrong

If changing your cup size does not help the wires lie flat, it may be the style of bra that is not working for you. Not every woman's breasts are the same shape as a standard underwire. Don't worry too much about a wire that is a just a little bit away from the body. For some body types, it is almost impossible to find an underwire bra that will be perfectly flat. Some busty women have very round, full breasts that are close together. Because this body type usually needs to wear bras with full coverage cups, the underwires will not have enough room between the cups to lie flat. Petite women with large breasts will also have difficulty finding an underwire bra that will lie flat between the breasts.

It takes a little trial and error to find a brand that suits your unique shape, even once you are wearing the correct size bra. Some women with this problem swear by Charnos bras, which are designed for women with D cup or larger breasts. Of course, wirefree bras, which do not have an underwire, often solve this problem.

Need More Help?

If you need more help with bra fitting, we're here to help! Ask our team of bra fitters for personal advice and great bra recommendations.