Solutions for Painful Bra Straps

Bra straps that dig into your shoulders are more than just a painful nuisance. This pesky bra problem can lead to permanent indentations, headaches, back pain and even nerve damage. Don't worry, even women with large breasts can wear a bra without shoulder pain. The secret is to make sure your size is just right and your bra style suits your shape.

First things first, your bras straps should NOT be holding up your breasts. The weight of your breasts should be lifted from the band of the bra, not hanging from your shoulders. If your shoulder straps are digging in, your bra band may not be doing its job. Try going down to a smaller band size for more support.

If a bra that used to be comfortable has started to cause shoulder pain, it is probably "dead". Over time, the bra band stretches out and loses its support. Don't hang on to bras after they've stopped working - do yourself a favor and upgrade to a more comfortable style!

Right Size, Wrong Style?

For women with larger breasts, even the right size bra can cause shoulder pain if worn for a long period of time. If you are prone to shoulder pain and you know you are wearing the correct size, make sure to wear bras with padded straps. Many bras for full cup sizes have lightly padded straps for shoulder relief. You can also invest in a pair of shoulder cushions. This bra accessory is designed to cushion your shoulder straps for more comfortable wear. It is also great if your bra straps slide off of your shoulders, so it often solves two common bra problems at once.

Little Things Count

It may sound too easy to be true, but sometimes painful bra straps are simply the result of tightening the strap too much. Remember, the bra strap does not support the breast, so don't try to tighten the strap to lift your bust. The strap should be tight enough to stay in place, without digging in to your shoulder. Don't worry about making your bra straps exactly even - most women will have to make one strap tighter than the other for a perfect fit.

Need More Help with Painful Straps?

Because there is more than one cause for painful shoulder straps, you may need a little personal help to solve your bra problem. Reach out to our team of bra fitters for advice and recommendations.