Solutions for Bra Bands That Ride Up

A bra that creeps up your back during the day is never fun. More importantly, this seemingly small bra problem is a sure sign that your bra does not fit. There are three reasons why your bra band will ride up your back. By fixing these problems, you're going to be much more comfortable and supported in your bra.

Loosen Up!

The first reason is the simplest. You may be adjusting your bra straps too tightly, forcing the band to ride up. Some women try to lift their breasts higher by adjusting the bra straps, but this will not work. Your support should be coming from the bra band, not the straps. Carefully adjust your bra straps and see if this fixes the problem.

Get a Perfect Fit

The second, and most common, reason for a bra band riding up is that the bra band is too big. This is the number one bra problem that I see in my bra stores. In the correct fit, your bra band will be snug and create a straight line across your back. If your bra band is too loose, the back of the bra will rise and the front will droop and sag - not a good look!

Going down a band size will probably fix your bra problem. However, keep in mind that the amount of space in the cup is related to your band size. For example, the cup on a 38D bra has larger cups than a 36D cup. This means that you when you go down a band size, you will also have to go up a cup size. For example, if you're wearing 38D and you need a tighter bra band, you should try 36DD.

Never worry about the letter on the tag. The most important thing is to find a bra that fits you well and makes you look fabulous.

When All Else Fails, Go Shopping

A third reason that your bra could rise up your back is that the bra is too old and has stretched out. If the bra only recently started to creep up your back, try putting it on a tighter setting. If you are already on the tightest hooks, your bra is "dead". You should buy a new bra in the correct size.

Need a Little Good Advice?

Not sure which of these solutions helps you? Feel free to contact our team of bra fitters for more help.