How to Make Breasts Look Bigger

Sometimes, you just want a little extra boost to maximize what you've got. We all remember the teenage trick of "stuffing your bra!" If you would like to make your breasts look bigger, there are now much more sophisticated lingerie solutions.

Breast Enhancing Bras

The easiest and most convenient way to look bigger in the bust is a padded bra. There are a few different types of padded bras, which all have slightly different functions.

A bra with molded or contour padding has foam pads that are built into the cup itself. These pads are often graduated for subtle, natural breast enhancement. Contour padding is a common feature of molded T-Shirt bras.

Bras with push-up pads or "bump pads" are designed to lift the breast from the bottom and are usually removable. Push up bras create more defined cleavage in addition to adding to your size and are a good choice if you don't want to wear a padded bra all the time. Some bras combine contour padding with push-up cookies so that you can customize how much padding you'd like.

Bra Accessories for Bigger Boobs

Another way to make your bust look larger without surgery is with bra accessories. Removable breast inserts let you turn any bra into a push up bra, expanding your bra shopping choices. These accessories are also great for woman with uneven breasts who want to make one side look larger. Another advantage of separate bra padding is that it is often made of realistic materials, like silicone, that can be less noticeable than regular padding.

More Tips and Tricks

All of these items will give you larger breasts that are natural looking and not over the top. By the way, some women think that wearing a bigger bra makes their chest look bigger - this is not true. A bra that is too big will not make your breasts look bigger; it just makes you look sloppy.

If you have any questions, you can always contact our bra fitting team help. We can help you figure out your perfect bra size and determine the best bras for you.