Bras for a Hiatial Hernia

If you have been diagnosed with a hiatal hernia, it can be very difficult to find a comfortable bra. A bra that constricts or presses against your upper stomach can cause pain or even digestive problems.

We recommend that women with hiatal hernias only wear wirefree bras, or bras without underwires. This prevents pain from the wire pressing against your chest. There are fantastic wirefree bras available in every size range, so you're sure to find a style that works for you.

Many sports bras do not have wires, but be sure to buy a low-impact sports bra. A medium or high-impact sports bra will have a tight band that could put too much pressure on your chest.

Bra Sizing with Stomach Discomfort

Because comfortable clothing is key, we often put women with hiatal hernias in a looser band size. First try a bra in your measured size with no underwire. If this is uncomfortable, go up one band size. Remember, if you go up in the band size, you must also go down a cup size to maintain the same amount of space in the cup. For example, if you feel that size 34C is too tight, try 36B instead.

Hiatal Hernia Recommendation

If you would like a personal recommendation for comfortable bras in your size, reach out to our team of bra fitters!