Bras After Breast Reduction

For women who've struggled with large breasts for years, a breast reduction can do wonders for back pain as well as self-esteem. But before you can enjoy your new bra size, you'll have to figure out what it is!

Post Surgery Bras

Immediately after surgery, you will need to wear a bra that promotes proper healing. Your doctor may recommend a surgical compression bra or a simple wirefree bra. Always follow your physician's advice on what to wear until you have fully recovered. You may also experience swelling during this time, so you should not measure yourself during recovery.

Bra Fitting Time!

Once you've recovered from surgery, you'll be ready for your shopping spree! While you've certainly discussed your ideal cup size with your surgeon, don't assume your "goal" is your exact bra size after surgery. Because breast surgeries are measured in CCs, not cup sizes, you will still need to measure yourself for your new size. You can see directions for measuring yourself using our online bra fitting calculator.

Here's a warning when measuring your new bra size: don't be shocked if the cup size you measure is the same, or even bigger, than the bras you used to wear. Many women with large breasts have been wearing the incorrect bra size for years. It's possible your "DD" breasts actually used to be DDD, G or H cups squeezed into the wrong size bra.

Because your body type has changed, it may take a little trial and error to find the best bra for you. Don't worry - once you get it right, you'll be sure to have many bras to choose from!

Considering a Breast Reduction?

I often have women in my store that are frustrated with their breasts and even in pain. Before you get a breast reduction surgery, be sure to get yourself properly fitted. A correctly fitted bra can reduce back and shoulder pain at a fraction of the price. You may find that your problems with your breasts are simply the result of ill-fitting bras.

Personal Bra Shopping Help

If you've recently had a breast reduction and need help finding new bras, we're here to help! Just our expert bra fitters for advice on your bra size and styles that will work for you.