Bras After Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction to rebuild the breast after a lumpectomy or mastectomy procedure can create some unique bra problems. With the proper care, you can heal more comfortably and look and feel great after surgery.

After-Surgery Care

Immediately after your surgeries, your doctor should recommend what type of bra is best to wear. One common recommendation is to wear a surgery bra. A medical-grade compression bra holds the breast in place while healing and can help with proper drainage. You may also be told to wear a wirefree, or non-underwire, sports bra. Always follow your surgeon's advice and bra recommendations during the healing process.

If you are having a delayed reconstruction or are having more than one breast reconstruction surgery, we recommend an adjustable breast form. This type of form has removable filling that can be customized to the size that you need. With the filling removed, the shell can be used to smooth the breast without adding size. By reducing the size of the breast form over time, you only have to purchase one prosthesis over the duration of your surgeries.

Fitting Help

After breast reconstruction, you should measure yourself to find your bra size. Because bra sizing can be a little more difficult after breast surgery, you may want to visit our store or speak to one of our expert bra fitters. For more information on bra sizing, visit our bra size calculator.

Bras for Women with Breast Reconstruction

The main fitting difference between breasts before and after reconstruction surgery is that many reconstructed breasts do not have nipples. Bra cups are designed with extra space to fit the nipple, so the bra cup can gap or dent at the center of the reconstructed breast.

To help prevent this problem, I recommend buying a bra that has a heavy lining. A lined or molded bra also helps make uneven breasts look more symmetrical.

Most women who have reconstruction surgery wear bras without an underwire. In addition to being comfortable, non-underwire bras are more forgiving when one breast is larger than the other. There are a wide variety of supportive wirefree bras on the market.

If you need more help finding a bra that suits you and your needs, we're here to help! Ask our expert bra fitters or personalized advice and recommendations.