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Our company specifically and ONLY serves women with large breast (D cup to Z cup), we are laser focused on the needs of the busty woman. Our belief is we should not have to bend to the beauty standards of current, inversely they will adapt to ours!

We have solved all the problems that busty women have had for centuries. These problems we have solved are as follows:

1.Janky underwire

2.Underwire that pokes through fabric

3.Uncomfortable bra straps

4.Wear and tear from bad bra construction

5.Lack of cute bra styles

6.Overpriced and expensive bras

7.Lack of larger sizes

We have solved these bra problems by having high quality underwires and fabric to avoid wear and tear, proper fitting for comfort, larger sizes with cute styles, and affordable prices for plus size bras.

No other bra company offers what we offer nor does any of them even focus on what we focus on they are either lingerie companies or plus size clothing companies. We are a bra company for women with large breast and that is our sole focus, our allegiance is to our customer now join us and lets make the status quo adapt to us!

Lisa John

Fashion Design

Jane Doe


Cartherin Forres

Marketing Director